Web Design

3 in 1 are an Adobe qualified, award-winning team of graphic and web designers. They offer a range of mobile-friendly websites from a very basic one page weblet to a fully optimized 3 in 1 responsive website with completely different content and layouts for iPhone, iPad and Desktop. See our packages and our terms and conditions for more details.

We also offer various stand-alone services such Keyword Research, Logo and Graphic Design, Web Analytics, Copywriting, and impartial advice re seo.

What Sort of Site Works Best in 2015 ?

Today's consumers are far more demanding than ever before. . . .

They do not want you to sell to them. Any attempt to do so insults their intelligence and wastes their time. Think about it; do you like to be sold to ? No ! Nobody does! A good web design should involve the visitors emotionally with you and your products and services and that ultimately will lead to a sale.

How your site looks and behaves instantly portrays your company's brand and message. A professionally designed
mobile-friendly website (with good clear navigation) will not only help you attract new business and make you more money, it will also retain and increase your existing customer-base.

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